The Best Barber in NYC’s Must Have Tools In His Barber Tool Bag

The Best Barber in NYC’s Must Have Tools In His Barber Tool Bag

Artisan Barber is the home of fresh cuts, good vibes and barbers with skilled scissorhands. One of the talented barbers that goes to work in the Upper East Side barber shop is New York native, Mike β€œScissorhands” Singh.

When clients book with one of the best barbers in NYC they already know they’ll get quality service and a crisp fade, this is not only because of Mike’s years of experience but also because of the tools he carries in his toolkit. Naturally, throughout the years Mike has familiarized himself with barbering tools and has compiled a list of his favorites as well as necessities every barber should have.

Clients at this premium barber shop in New York City and any other barber shop will know they are getting the most out of their appointment if their barber is using one of these tools:

  • Feather razor. For Mike, the feather razor allows him to give his own unique touch on his clients’ hair after giving them the standard haircut. β€œIt makes the haircut mine,” Mike says.
  • Seven-inch shears. After Mike finishes his haircut, he cleans it up with his seven-inch shears. This tool is his second favorite after the feather razor because it connects the whole haircut, bringing the entire look together.
  • Combs. Simple but necessary. Mike included this in his top three because of how valuable they are to his artistry. Each different comb executes a different task on a hairstyle and for Mike it’s an extension of his hand. His combs get in little areas that his clippers may not reach and helps Mike do his job efficiently.

While these instruments are the top tools in Mike’s arsenal, they are not the only ones he carries or feels that every barber should have. β€œWhen you come to my station,” Mike shares, β€œyou’re going to see my feather razor, my seven-inch shears, my six-inch shears, thinning shears, cordless adjustable clippers and detachable clippers.” These are all tools in Mike’s station that he uses every time he has a haircut and the reason why he found success in this NYC barber shop.

To see Mike in action or to be blessed by his scissorhands make sure to visit the shop in the Upper East Side or book now by visiting

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